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Insuring a Dodge Dart

While the Dodge Dart is a classic muscle car and therefore seemingly hard to ensure, there are newer models that have more safety features and don’t come with super-high insurance rates. For instance, the 2013 model comes with safety features that weren’t even heard of when the first Dodge Dart rolled off the assembly line. An inexpensive vehicle, the new Dart starts at around $18,000. Of course this price is the base price, and if you want to have extra features such as air conditioning, you will have to pay more than the sticker price.

Dodge Dart

The last of the Dodge Dart muscle cars was built in the 1970s. Today there is a newer version that is more of a family vehicle, a front-wheel drive sedan that has been built by partners Dodge and Fiat. This new car is the replacement for the Caliber. This is a great compact car that has loads of room. The new Dart has many features that will help to lower your insurance rates.

2013 Dodge Dart Safety Features

The new Dodge Dart comes with all of the expected safety features, and a few extras for your safety. These features are going to help lower your insurance rates even if you choose to have full coverage, which you should have for a newer model vehicle. Some of the added safety features this car offers include rear side air bags, front knee air bags, rear view camera, blind spot alert and cross-path detection.

Keeping Your Insurance Rates Down

One good way to have lower insurance rates is to make sure that you choose one of the less sporty trims for your new Dodge Dart. The sportier the model, the more it is going to cost to insure. This is just one thing you can do to lower your insurance rates. Here are some more ways you can keep your rates down:

  • Clean Driving Records – If you get caught speeding, running a red light, etc., it will affect your insurance rates. Always remember the rules of the road to avoid any fines and insurance rate increases.
  • Combine Insurance Policies – You can get discounts by bundling your auto, home and life insurance.
  • Multi-Vehicle Policies – If you own more than one vehicle, many insurers will offer discounts if you have them all insured on the same policy
  • Driver Education – You don’t have to be in high school to take advantage of the benefits these courses offer, including discounts on auto insurance
  • Safe Driver Discounts – If you have a clean driving record and maintain it for a certain period of time, many insurers will offer you a discount on your auto insurance for your new Dodge Dart.
  • Anti-Theft Devices – If you choose to have a car alarm and other anti-theft devices, you can get discounts on your insurance rates.
  • Senior Discounts – Many seniors who have clean driving records are entitled to discounts on their insurance, and the longer the record is clean the better the discounts are.
  • Teenage Drivers – If your teens are keeping a clean driving record and getting good grades, it will help to lower your insurance rates.
  • Don’t Drive to Work – If you are using your car to commute to work, it will cost more to insure it than if it is just used as a grocery-getter

Shop Around for Good Auto Insurance Rates

You probably won’t get the best rates for your auto insurance if you take the first policy that is offered to you. You shopped around for your new vehicle until you found the new Dodge Dart, so why shouldn’t you shop around for your insurance? There are many different insurance companies out there, and they all offer different products, at different rates. You should try to get quotes from as many insurance companies as possible, both national and local. Take your time to study and compare these quotes so you will know for sure that you have gotten the best rate possible. Don’t forget to mention any memberships you may hold that will entitle you to discounts, such as AAA and military/veterans groups. Try to get as many discounts as you are eligible for to keep your rates low.