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How to Determine the Average Cost of Full Coverage Car Insurance

Determining the average cost of full coverage car insurance has so much to do with so many factors. Before signing up for any policy, though, you owe it to yourself to compare rates so you can make the best decision possible. Having an idea of what can impact the rates can help drivers have some concept of what to expect for prices. Also knowing what may help lower rates is a useful tool. Most important, however, is having different quotes from policy providers in order to find the best rate for the full coverage policy you want.

Some Common Factors

If you are trying to find out what the average cost of full coverage car insurance could be for you, there are some things you should know about and take into consideration.  How to Determine the Average Cost of Full Coverage Car Insurance

  • There is some confusion about the term full coverage, so understanding what exactly it is you want will help you find out what type of average cost of full coverage car insurance rates you may have. For some policy providers, full coverage is nothing more than making sure you meet the full amount of insurance required by your state or financial lender for an auto loan. For others it can mean the full combination of liability, collision and comprehensive insurance so your policy has no gaps. The more coverage you must have or choose to have, obviously the more pricy your auto insurance policy will be.
  • On that note, the state you live in and whether or not your car is financed will impact the rates you pay for monthly full coverage car insurance premiums. In fact your specific zip code can change rates, and your insurance may be more or less expensive than the same coverage would in the zip code next door. This usually has a good deal to do with the amount of traffic, construction, percentage of accidents for the area and even the rate of crime that could increase the chances for theft of vandalism. If your car is financed, the average cost of full coverage car insurance for it will be determined by the value of the car.
  • How you pay for your auto insurance will have an effect on the rates as well. If you choose to go monthly for your premium payments, your rates will be a good deal higher than if you pay annually, every six months or even quarterly. Whenever possible set the payments up for a period greater than monthly and see the savings. Most new policies require a down payment to get started, which can be paid up front or broken down into your monthly installments. Again if you pay up front you will save money. Even whether you have your payments set up as auto withdraw or not can effect what your premium payments will be.
  • If you can go with a higher deductible you can save money on your average cost of full coverage car insurance rates too. The trick is not to go with a deductible that is too high. If you are only at a $250 deductible your rates will be higher than if you go with a $500 deductible. The same is true if you raise the deductible to $1,000, but then you are taking a risk that you may not be able to come up with that amount should the need arise.

What You Get and Do You Need it?

More than likely if you are inquiring about the average cost of full coverage car insurance, you want to make sure you are completely covered as a driver. The right kind of full coverage insurance will include:

  • The repair or replacement of your vehicle depending on the amount of damage caused. If you have something greater than liability this will mean even if you cause the accident your own car will be covered.
  • The repair or replacement of other vehicle(s) involved in the collision.
  • Your medical expenses and any bills for injuries of other people involved in the crash. If you don’t have health insurance this could be crucial. Medical expenses can include prolonged hospital stays, prescriptions, surgery and aftercare, which might involve physical therapy for example.
  • Damage caused to personal or public property such as a home or a guardrail. Without insurance you would pay for these things out of pocket.

The get the best comparison for the average cost of full coverage car insurance rates get your quotes by simply using your zip code to get started.