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Car Insurance Costs – Men vs. Women

Is Average Car Insurance the Same Between Men and Women?

It turns out what is average auto insurance for men may not be the same as for women. When looking for average insurance rates, this is important to be aware of so you know what to expect for your premiums. It may also make a difference because you may want to make adjustments or look for ways to cut costs if you happen to be the gender expected to pay slightly elevated auto insurance policy rates.

How the Average Auto Insurance Rates Differ

Want to know what type of differences to expect based on your gender?

Here are a few factors that impact average car insurance rates in relation to whether you are male or female. Car Insurance Costs

  • Contrary to the popular “belief” that women are less than equal when it comes to driving skills versus men, women generally have lower average insurance premiums.
  • The rates for younger drivers for male versus female are much more drastic. While teen drivers are deemed “high risk” drivers and will have higher rates, the average car insurance rate drops for females at age 21 and not until age 25 for males.
  • Younger drivers who marry, however, may see a balancing out of the scales, at least to some degree. Younger drivers who marry are considered more mature and therefore will see the benefits of lowered insurance rates.

What Can Be Done

While some people may cling to the old belief that women are the weaker sex, when it comes to driving, insurance companies have a different take. It seems women are more likely to drive slower and be more cautious, while male drivers are viewed as faster and more aggressive. If you are a male driver looking to get those average car insurance rates to decrease, there are a few things you can do.

  • Skip the sports car or convertible – Because male drivers are already viewed as a higher risk group when it comes to being behind the wheel it is a better idea to get a vehicle that is not a high risk and less likely to “attract” tickets and citations.
  • Watch the color of the car as well – Red is the color choice most likely to get you into higher rates. Communicate with your insurance agent about other colors to avoid in your state that could lead to higher rates before you get a new or used car.
  • Take safety classes – If you are still in high school and want to lower your average car insurance rates, make sure you enroll in driver’s education courses. As an adult you can usually still find courses within the community your insurance carrier may recognize and reward by lowering your average insurance premium rates. If you do get a ticket, take the driver school option so it never shows up on your record.

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