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Average Cost of Car Insurance for New Drivers

If you are trying to get your first auto policy coverage, you may be noticing the average cost of car insurance for new drivers can be steep. First time drivers are considered high risk because they lack the experience behind the wheel that makes them good defensive drivers. A few years of clean driving record will cause your rates to drop, but getting to that point takes time. In the meantime, it is important to try to find auto insurance for new drivers that is affordable.

There are ways, however, to save money or cut costs so that your premiums for car insurance for new drivers are at least affordable. There are also some things to take into consideration to understand why your rates may be as high as they are. If you are ready to start driving and need to get your first auto insurance policy, these are some valuable things to comprehend prior to signing up for your policy.

How to Drop Rates for the Average Cost of Car Insurance for New Drivers

It may be more challenging to find lower premium rates on auto insurance coverage for new drivers, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, that is one of the major benefits of taking advantage of comparing multiple rates when it comes to your auto insurance coverage. When policy providers compete for your business, you can see dramatic results and come out a winner.

Other ways to keep your rates lower: Average Cost of Car Insurance for New Drivers

  • If you are a young driver and still live at home, see about getting on your parent’s auto insurance policy as a secondary driver. Having your very own car insurance policy may sound like a good idea, but the truth is it ends up being nothing but an overly expensive option that drivers should avoid if possible.
  • Don’t get into a brand new financed car if you don’t need to. The higher the financed value of your car, the more you will spend on your monthly premiums. This is true even for more experienced drivers but will only end up costing even more if you are a younger driver. If you have to finance a car, try to get a car that is a few years older at least.
  • If you get into a financed car, get the safety feature options over the other bells and whistles. Added safety features will not only protect you as the driver and your passengers, but will also help lower the monthly premiums you pay for auto insurance. Even having anti-theft devices will help lower your costs. If you end up with an older vehicle that does not have standard safety features, consider adding them to the car for protection and lower rates.

Most importantly try your best to maintain a clean driving record without any accidents or tickets. Eventually the higher rates you pay as a new driver will drop. If you are finally ready to get your average cost of car insurance for new drivers quotes, all that is required of you right now is your zip code.