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Average Cost of Car Insurance in Florida

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Florida

Auto insurance can be a very expensive yearly bill. But if you consider the costs of fines and other expenses if you do not carry it, it seems more reasonable. In the state of Florida, there are a number of considerations that can drive your average car insurance cost higher, so it is important to always shop before you make a purchase.

Comparing Florida’s Average Cost to the National Average

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Florida When you start comparing insurance rates, it is important to know what the average in your state versus the average in other states might be. Florida’s car insurance rates rankings include:

• Florida ranks fifth on the list of the most expensive auto insurance costs in the nation.
• On average, Florida’s residents pay as much as $200 more per year on their auto insurance than people in other states.
• While insurance rates in the state can vary from month to month, they almost never dip below that of the nation’s averages.

Reasons for the Additional Expense of Florida’s Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in general may fluctuate in price for a number of reasons. Special considerations such as weather, age of the average driver and special road conditions can cause insurers to raise their premium rates accordingly. Consider some of these factors for why Florida has such a high insurance rate:

• Hurricanes and other severe weather conditions most commonly affect Florida first and are severe than other states.
• Florida deals with animals that include alligators and giant snakes that come into the road for the warmth and create traffic hazards. Hitting one of these can cause serious damage to a vehicle.
• Florida has very complex and complicated insurance laws, which can make it very easy to overpay on insurance simply because you do not understand your coverage requirements versus coverage needs.
• Florida has a very high concentration of older drivers, which may lead to more accidents in certain areas.

Auto Theft and Average Auto Insurance Costs

Nationwide, the news about auto thefts has been encouraging with the trend toward fewer reported cars being stolen. That is good news not only for the owners of these cars but for the auto insurance industry, which pays out less frequently on stolen auto claims. In the listing of top ten states for auto thefts in 2009, Florida ranked at number three but had no cities listed in the top ten listings for that category. To protect your own car:

• Always lock your vehicle.
• Park in well lit, monitored parking lots and spaces whenever possible.
• Do not leave your car running unattended, even for a few minutes.
• Do not leave packages or valuables in your car where they can be clearly seen.
• Try to avoid high crime areas.
• Consider anti-theft devices such as car alarms, which can give you car insurance savings.

Ways to Save on the Average Cost of Insurance in Florida

There are ways to save on your auto insurance, including:

• Always shopping around for the best price quote
• Getting just the coverage that you need
• Not getting locked into just one company unless you are rewarded for doing so
• Maintaining a good driving record as well as a good credit history